Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Break: Week 1

So, Justin is now a second year medical student. Well done. And the best news is that we have 8 weeks off together, which is pretty much the last summer break we will have. Ever. Sad. But happy too. You see, next summer Justin will be taking his boards (step one out of two) AND we will be moving to Oregon. Then the summers after that he will be doing rotations, and then there's residency. . .  Fun stuff.

So lets get right down to it.

Among other things (like a movie and a pool party), week one of summer break involved a trip to Newport Beach for a two night getaway to a really fancy hotel. (Thanks for the tip Papa D) The Balboa Bay Yacht Club. It's the kind of place people stay if they own a couple of these:

We headed down early the fist day to meet some friends for a day at the dog beach (one of the couples has a dog) where we got really sun burnt, but had a good time none the less. Justin even got a surfing lesson from one of his friends and fellow medical students. It's quite a funny story, you should ask him about it some time. Alas, I do not have any pictures from this day because I forgot to pull out my camera and snap some. Blast.

The next day (after and amazing breakfast brought to our room) we headed out to enjoy the town. This time I totally planned to take pictures but accidentally left my camera in my other bag. Blast! Blast! So use your imaginations. We took a boat tour of the bay where we got to hear about all the ridiculously expensive houses and lots located on the water along with the famous people who have owned them. We also went out to the open ocean were we saw sea lions, and as an added bonus, rode along with a huge pod of dolphins. (This is the part where I realized I had left my camera.)

The bay from our balcony

That evening we walked across the street to a couple of little shops Justin likes to visit when he's in the neighborhood.

He especially enjoys this one. I just play along in admiration and let the man dream.

After perusing the merchandise, we headed off to Lido Island to pick up Grandma Tilly. She took us out to The Ritz Restaurant, which is probably the nicest restaurant I have ever been to. The food was DIVINE. Fabulous. I mean, there really aren't words. Thanks Grandma Tilly! It was a wonderful evening.

The next morning we again enjoyed another perfect breakfast (at the restaurant this time) with a view of the bay, and then slowly packed up and made our way down to check out. Did I mention this whole deal came with free valet parking? I think the valets were all BYU boys too. It was funny, each time one brought our car around they saw the sticker and gave us a shout out.

Well, here's to the Yacht Club.

We thought this fancy hat was a must to go with our fancy stay.

To wrap up the week we got another little peak at our growing babe. His (or her) heart is still pumping away (we heard it)! Have I mentioned that his estimated day of arrival is December 31st?

Looking a little less like an alien and more like a head and a belly?

Until next time,


Jeff and Lauren said...

How fun! 8 weeks off would be AWESOME!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I'm so sad we weren't around to participate in some of the Newport Beach festivities!! Sigh. Let's play soon.. The wee one really DOES look like a little babe! I'm so excited we're due so close together :) Such fun. Loved the posts, loved the pictures!

Joshua and Rachel said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It must be nice to get away for a little bit! Glad you are doing well and enjoying your time off. You guys deserve it.

Sadie said...

Congratulations on Baby!! That's exciting news.We didn't know you were so close to Newport Beach. Chris, Brenden and I were in California this last week and were in Newport on Monday. Small world. Have a great rest of the summer!