Sunday, March 27, 2011

SeaWorld Adventure

I've come to the realization that if I don't have any pictures to add to blog posts, I simply won't post. Guess what, I finally took some pictures! And here are some ramblings to go with them.

So remember back in middle school or high school when all of the girls wanted to be marine biologists so they could grow up and train the dolphins? I'm pretty sure I used to be one of those girls. And I'll be honest, our little SeaWorld trip had part of me wishing that I were in the water like these two:

But then I thought about jumping in a cold tank of salt water on a cold, cloudy day and I changed my mind. But you gotta admit, dolphins are cool. 

They're just so fun and playful and energetic.

That is probably the best show SeaWorld has going on right now. The Shamu show is a work in progress since the trainers don't get in the water any more. . . and I don't blame them.

The rest of our visit included but was not limited to:

Some more dolphins. . . up close and personal

Some big turtles

A romantic ride over the bay

And these guys who were cracking me up. This one was waving its flippers and barking so loud in an effort to get a couple of little fish thrown his way. Bless his heart.

And that was SeaWorld. Well, that's all that I have captured in pixels anyway. Until the next time I break out the camera. . .