Friday, July 6, 2012

Oregon Adventures

So what have we been up to since we've arrived at our new home in Oregon?

Well, as you can see, Everett has been learning lots of new tricks, like crawling with your head. (Okay, he doesn't actually make much forward progress that way, but it sure is cute.)

He has also learned the art of eating from a spoon. This was our first attempt at the new experience of "real" food in the form of rice cereal.

Everett has since moved beyond rice to squash. Tonight was day two of squash and he gobbled it up.

*Notice in the above pictures that we are sitting on the floor and eating out of paper bowls. That is because our furniture and other belongings had not arrived at this point in the moving adventure. We spent the whole week having picnics in the living room on one of Everett's blankets. Thank goodness for that Bumbo.

We've also been trying out the new bath tub.

*That is a pack and play set up in the hall because the bedrooms were too bright (no curtains yet). Needless to say it has taken us a while to make full use of all the extra space in our new house. . . and we still aren't quite there yet.

Everett waiting eagerly for his bath to be ready

You don't need furniture to take pictures outside of the house, right?

Our attempt at a take-it-yourself iPhone family picture

We've taken the jogger for a few spins. This was just a test ride around the house.

We also did some hiking. This one was just right for us. Not too long, but still challenging enough for these two out of shape kids.

Even when we did finally have our furniture, we still enjoy the floor on occasion. Dad makes a good hand hold that way.

And this has become the standard feeding position, complete with bib (always) and smiles (usually).

We've also got Grandma all dialed in to Face Time. She now calls only with Face Time in hopes of getting a glimpse of her grandson. Wouldn't you? I mean, seriously, look at that face! I am still not over how cute he is. Probably just the mom in me talking, but without fail, his sweet smiles and laughter make my heart flutter with indescribable joy. One of these days I might just burst.

Speaking of face time, Everett seemed to discover himself in the mirror the other day. It was really cute. He grabbed a hold of it and was pointing it right at his face while he talked to it using all kinds of loud monkey-ish grunts and strained deep tones that used up all his air. Then after a little bit he pointed it at me like he was trying to show me his new discovery. Then it went back to him and he talked some more.

Last, but not least on our list of adventures was attending the local parade on Independence Day. I love our country. We are truly blessed to live in such a land.

So, along with unpacking and trying to bring order to our home, that's what we've been up to, how about you?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

6 Months

The most recent picture we have of Everett to date.
Taken this afternoon when we were out running errands.

Our Everett will be six months old tomorrow. That's half a year people. Since he was four months old the last time I posted anything, I better catch everyone up.

We moved.
To Oregon.

Now that we're all on the same page, let me sum up a little better. 

Before we left California we visited Grandma Tillie in Newport Beach.

Everett really liked  chewing on Tillie's finger and she was happy to let him.

. . . and Aunt LaVerne in Calimesa.

Then back at home Everett and I took photos when we were supposed to be packing.

Everett got really good at "The Shamu," as I call it, and push ups.

Then fifty something boxes later we were on the road.

My parents were kind enough to make the trip with us.

At the Sprouse's house in northern CA

On the road again.

 And then we finally made it!

At a hotel in Medford

The very day we arrived, we found the absolute perfect place for our little family to call home.
It was the first place we looked at.
We are blessed.

Stay tuned for more about our adventures in Oregon.