Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

. . . and what a year it has been!
Here are a few highlights somewhat in chronological order for your reminiscing pleasure:
  • Justin got in to medical school
  • We celebrated our one year anniversary
  • We read the Fablehaven series 1-4 (we have yet to get a hold of book 5)
  • We moved to California
  • We found out we were expecting
  • We read/listened to Harry Potter 1-4 (Justin read though 6 but I only made it part way before school started)
  • Justin did an intensive summer anatomy program
  • I got a job teaching with my mom
  • Justin got called to the Young Men's Presidency
  • The boys love him and affectionately call him Brother Dr. Delatore, or just Brother Dr. D.
  • I was called to the primary presidency
  • We completed a 2000 piece puzzle of da Vinci's "The Last Supper"
  • We moved again (to the building next door) for an extra bedroom
  • I carried our baby for approximately 4 months
  • Justin finished his first semester of school and did well
  • We are both healthy
  • We exercised 12 days in December (if you count New Years Day). It was a goal I set. (Justin actually did more. . . he always has to one-up me like that)
  • Two of my "workouts" were snowboarding in Big Bear
  • We bought a Christmas tree (fake, to be used for many years to come)
  • We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas break
  • We chaperoned the youth New Year's Eve dance (I'm not sure if that was a highlight or not, but it definitely was a feat to stay out so late. We are old.)

Gramma Gramma's Family

Here's to 2011

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