Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

. . . and what a year it has been!
Here are a few highlights somewhat in chronological order for your reminiscing pleasure:
  • Justin got in to medical school
  • We celebrated our one year anniversary
  • We read the Fablehaven series 1-4 (we have yet to get a hold of book 5)
  • We moved to California
  • We found out we were expecting
  • We read/listened to Harry Potter 1-4 (Justin read though 6 but I only made it part way before school started)
  • Justin did an intensive summer anatomy program
  • I got a job teaching with my mom
  • Justin got called to the Young Men's Presidency
  • The boys love him and affectionately call him Brother Dr. Delatore, or just Brother Dr. D.
  • I was called to the primary presidency
  • We completed a 2000 piece puzzle of da Vinci's "The Last Supper"
  • We moved again (to the building next door) for an extra bedroom
  • I carried our baby for approximately 4 months
  • Justin finished his first semester of school and did well
  • We are both healthy
  • We exercised 12 days in December (if you count New Years Day). It was a goal I set. (Justin actually did more. . . he always has to one-up me like that)
  • Two of my "workouts" were snowboarding in Big Bear
  • We bought a Christmas tree (fake, to be used for many years to come)
  • We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas break
  • We chaperoned the youth New Year's Eve dance (I'm not sure if that was a highlight or not, but it definitely was a feat to stay out so late. We are old.)

Gramma Gramma's Family

Here's to 2011

For an inspirational thought on the new year and moving forward click here.


Dani said...

way to go, especially on that puzzle. So sorry about the baby. Hope you're handling it okay. Happy 2011!

Darin and Shannon said...


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

What a year it was! A lot of really wonderful things.. I have a feeling 2011 is going to be even better!

Amber Marie said...

cute pictures. you guys look great! very glad you are healthy and well. here's to an even better 2011, yes? :)

Jeff and Lauren said...

Here's to 2011 too! Go Delatores!

canasian said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Alicia said...

Remember how you're hot? Cause you are. I can't believe our roommate reunion in Henderson didn't make the list. :) Please bless 2011 is better, for ALL of us!

Joshua and Rachel said...

I love the pictures! Happy New Year to you! Have a great 2011!