Thursday, July 25, 2013

No Surprise

I told Marlee that I would bring home balloons. 

She wanted pink and purple if it was a girl, and blue and brown and green if it was a boy. Do they make brown balloons? Well, It doesn't matter, because we didn't need them. 

This baby is clearly a girl

I knew it from the start. . . although these last few weeks I was beginning to second guess my gut instinct. I'm so glad to know for sure. 

Were about 20 weeks away from meeting our little June!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Grandpa's plane

We took a trip up to Idaho Falls with Justin's Parents for some Fourth of July festivities. Justin couldn't make it, but we had fun visiting with the family for a few days. 

Grandpa making a new best friend before the fireworks

The trip was not without injury however. . . 

Everett was jumping and falling and bumping his head like crazy and managed to hit his head on the breakfast table at the hotel one day and ended up needing a couple of stitches. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I love my jumping boy!

Before and after the scary stitches
In other news, our little wee one is growing and I am starting to feel his/her little kicks. We are hoping tomorrow's ultrasound will tell us if said wee one is a baby sister or a baby brother. I am dying to know.  Stay tuned.


Justin has been away for 9 weeks including the whole month of June. We miss him like crazy when he is gone, but we got to visit a couple of times. Other than looking forward to our time with Daddy, Everett and I stay busy swimming, playing, reading, eating, you know, regular kid things. . . just maybe a little extra swimming and water park going to beat the heat. And some days, we can't beat it, we just have to stay inside and hope we have enough food to live on. No joke.

Loving our first visit to see Dad
Quick, take a picture while we are all together
Fun boy
If we're lucky, he won't take after me in the cooking department
Bath time with Dad, love it when he's home!