Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Results

Spartans win!

I ended up swimming the third leg of all three relays and one individual event:
  • 200 medley relay (butterfly)
  • 100 freestyle--1:03.7
  • 200 freestyle relay
  • 400 freestyle relay
My 100 free was faster than expected (considering I went a 1:15 in the time trial try-outs) and it actually felt pretty good too. Maybe my body is remembering how to swim after all! I'm hoping to get to swim some more individual events in the upcoming meets and see more improvement as the semester goes on.

Here's to my number one fan who sat up in the muggy bleachers from warm-up to clean up.
I love him for it.


lyle and julia said...

woo hoo!! way to go :)

Lauren said...

Go Crystal, go Crystal...

Darin and Shannon said...

good job! wish i could bet here to hold up a poster with your name on it! :)