Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back Tracking

So, my parents came to visit this weekend and brought my camera cable. Here are a few events that were recorded on my camera who's pictures I was unable to retrieve.

When we moved out of our apartment in Boise in August, we had a couple of weeks before we could move in to our new apartment in Rexburg. We used that time to visit family and gather all of our things (that were scattered between 3 states) and get it all ready to haul back to Idaho.

One of our family visits included a trip to Northern California where we got to be with my little cousin Jordan during her baptism, and Logan when he received his Eagle Scout Award. Upon arriving in Northern CA, we met up with everyone at the State fair in Sacramento. It was HOT. We found out that the reason we were there torturing ourselves in the heat though was to see David Cook in concert. I have never really followed American Idol, or Pop music for that mater, so I had no idea who he was. In case you are like me and aren't up on your Pop stars, he was winner of the 2008 season of American Idol. Here we are on the grass in the back waiting for the show to start.

While in Norther California, we also got to visit Justin's Grandpa who generously gifted him one of his MANY guns. . .
A rifle to be more specific. . .

Trying on a sweet holster while I was wishing I were a damsel in distress

Lots of driving, a moving truck, and one wedding later, we finally made it to a place we can call home.

Breakfast before a table

Breakfast after a table


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Fun, fun, FUN!! I LOVE your couches, those are awesome! They make me happy.. Totally perfect for Rexburg winters. You freezing yet? Oh, I miss.

lyle and julia said...

first how can you not know David Cook??!! I love him!!! and adorable table!!! I liked how you looked with your old one but gotta say the new one is much better ;)

Mariandrew said...

Hey Crystal! It's so fun to catch up with you again! If you are ever in NC, we'd love to see you!