Monday, December 15, 2014


Last week my girl turned one.

This girl is so sweet, and we are so lucky to have her. A few things about June:

She is fun. I know she's barely walking and just starting to say a few words, but you can just tell that this girl is fun. She loves to laugh and play and does a good job playing with Everett when he's not tackling her in some way.

She is a thinker. She takes things in and is leaning so fast. Right now she says hi and waves (she especially loves to say hi to her daddy when he gets home), she says mama, dada, uh oh, book (sounds like bow/boo), boot (also sounds like bow). She loves doggies and pants when she sees them. . . and cats, and other animals too. All animals pant. . . At the mention of teeth she will stick the middle part of her tongue out and open her mouth. That's her self designated sign for "it's time to brush teeth." 

She walks.

She has tried to jump, but didn't make it off the ground.


This girl will climb on anything. She flies up the stairs, and scoots down.

She plays hard and gets dirty.

She LOVES to be outside! Any time I go out the back door she squeals and grunts and whines because she wants to go out. She's like a little dog who wants to be let outside.

She recently developed a love of books and likes to read them on her potty chair. She is so fascinated by each turn of the page. . . it is pretty adorable when I have her in my lap and she stares wide eyed at every picture and point and grunts. She wants to say so much and I know she is going to explode with words here soon!

We just couldn't be more in love with our little June Bug! She has been such a happy baby and shares that happiness with everyone around her. 

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