Monday, June 23, 2014

Splish Splash

This morning while I was cleaning up the kitchen or something, I heard Everett say, "Mom, I'm goin poops!" It had been quiet for a bit so I automatically assumed the worst. I yelled back to stop and to go to the potty chair and went out to look for him. He wasn't anywhere in sight. Turns out he went in the bathroom on his own, pushed down his undies and slid up on that seat like he'd been doing it by himself for months. 

I think that was a first.

Foot photo by Everett

After lunch we played outside. I helped Everett dump water from one bucket to the next. Of course the water didn't stay in the buckets and June was tickled about that. I think she was just glad to be outside and free to roam, even if we weren't paying much attention to her. That onsie got pretty dirty :)

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Rachel said...

Those are two cute kids!