Thursday, October 10, 2013


Everett is such a sweet boy.

I am pretty lucky to be his mother.

I tried to soak it all in tonight as he smiled and talked and gave kisses randomly while we listened to lullabies before bed.

I love how he feels the need to kiss "Baby June" (sounds kind of like "Baby Dune") every now and then, and figures out a way to get his mouth to my belly. It's pretty cute.

He seems to be growing more and more aware and mindful of Baby June as my belly grows. "Baby June growin," he'll say.

After dinner tonight I took him straight to the bath before wiping up his hands. As I put him down, one of his messy hands met my belly. He immediately noticed the mess on my shirt and said "I color Baby June!"

If those greasy quesadilla and avocado hands stain my shirt, so be it.