Sunday, September 29, 2013

Update from Michigan

Everett and I have been visiting Justin for the past 2 weeks in Michigan. We will stay another two weeks when Justin has to head to a different rotation site and we have to head home to Henderson. It has been so nice to be with him. We miss him so much when he is away!

We only have one car out here so Everett and Baby June and I have been doing a lot of walking. We walk to the park, to the grocery store, or to the Hospital to visit Daddy for lunch. Luckily these places are all pretty close. We did venture to target one day which might have been a bit ambitious for us, but we still made it home safe and sound and in time for Everett's nap.

Everett is just growing up before my eyes and I can't believe it. He is talking a LOT and surprises me every day with the new things he can say. Today, for example, Justin was cooking our traditional Sunday pasta on the stove and Everett was down below wanting to get in on the action so he said "I'n tee goin on."(Translation: I want to see what's going on.) It was the cutest thing. He just picked that up from Justin I think who will often say something like that when he picks Everett up for a better view. Then he said it again when I was looking at my phone and he wanted to see too. I was dying. My little boy is speaking in sentences. How can this be?! It was just the other day that I was laughing at how I talk to my self all day (because he was just a baby) and now I can almost have a legitimate conversation with this little person!

Some other popular Everett phrases include:
"Watch Cars peez." or "Watch Cars minute."
"Pay a game peez." (referring to a game on my phone)
"Cover up."
"Daddy hold you."
"Where _______?" Insert any word like cat or plane
"Bu-bye ______!" (while waving bye-bye)
"Where ______ go?" (while making a very inquisitive face and stretching his arms way out to the side)
"Wha dat?"
"Wha doin?"
"Stoater wide" (stroller ride)
"One, two, twee, seven, nine, ten. . ."
"Baby cwyin"
"Gween one!" That's usually his response when we ask him what color something is.
"Baby June wight here" (while pointing to my belly)
"Baby growin"
"Wuv you."
"Honey Pooh Bear"
"Aww better."
"Tso nice."(then he has to hug the thing he is talking about or rub it to his face)

He also knows most of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and the clean up song. Sometimes he'll just start singing out of the blue to himself. I have yet to catch that on camera.

Bottom line, life is good, Everett is cute and we are a happy family!