Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jump for Joy

Nora's two year old birthday party

1. We moved in with Shannon and Darin and the cousins.
2. We love it.
3. We're expecting a BABY in December.
4. It's gonna be a crazy year.
5. Justin is away doing rotations and we miss him like crazy.
6. These two are buds:


Joshua and Rachel said...

So cute. Congratulations!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

AHHHHHHHH!!!! You're PREGNANT!!!!!!! That's so exciting!!! I hope you're feeling great :) So jealous you're living with Shanna!! I bet it's so fun. Are you ladies coming to California anytime soon??

dockters said...

Hi Crystal!!
It's fun to hear from you! Glad you commented on our blog. It's fun to see pics here of your cute little guy. And congrats on baby #2! You are guys are at a busy time right now.

What area of medicine is your husband going in to? If he interviews here in Indianapolis, please let me know! He could definitely stay with us. We love it here!

My brother and his family live in Vegas right now, too. He's starting his 4th year of med school and is leaving for away rotations next month. Maybe you've met?!

Eric is starting his 4th year of residency in 2 more years then a fellowship. Phew! We'll make it.

ANyway...this is practically a letter, but it's fun to hear from you. Good luck with everything! You can do it! It's hard, but time goes by fast...especially with good friends and a good ward!!