Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eggs in a pail

We made it to the local egg hunt this year, but by the time we got there (a couple of minutes late) it was over and done. As I made my way though the crowds with Everett I heard the voices of little girls who spoke of their eggs and candy being stolen by mean boys. Really? That happens? Well, good thing we missed it,  I say. 

So instead we rounded up a few empty eggs and had Everett collect them in his little pail. Although the pictures depict his more serious moments, he really was quite giddy to be out roaming around. 

Then of course he had to dump them all out and pick them up again.
He's a fun kid. 

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Joshua and Rachel said...

So cute! He looks like such a happy boy. Man I wish we lived closer to you. So cute!