Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Beauty and Cars

"You're like a Lamborghini," Justin said when I randomly asked him if he thought I was still pretty.

I honestly didn't see how he could see any trace of beauty in me that night and was amazed as he assured me that he did. I had been sick for days, was wearying dirty sweats and a baggy T-shirt that clashed terribly, didn't have a trace of make-up left on (which I desperately need if I want to hide my pale, uneven complexion, pimples, and dark circles), and hadn't done my hair which also needs a lot of lovin' to look like anything but an unattractive, flattened, wad of frizz. Needless to say I was definitely not looking very pretty. Like at all. Seriously.

His reasoning was this: Lamborghini cars are BEAUTIFUL (to him). Even if they are painted a funny color, they are still beautiful. While I am "green" and sick now, all he sees is the beautiful car underneath.

"My husband just compared me to a Lamborghini." I thought out loud. Despite how it sounds, I secretly loved it.

This morning I was feeling a lot better and was showing it. While we were getting ready to have breakfast he mentioned something about how now I'm like a Ferrari.

"What about that whole bit about me being a Lamborghini and beautiful no matter what!" I scolded, remembering the nice things he said the night before and not wanting him to go back on his word.

Realizing he had spoke too soon and fishing for a way out of his blunder he carefully explained, "You're still beautiful, but now your just better for racing."

I love that man.

P.S. Don't tell Justin, but now I think I like Lamborghini and Ferrari cars a little bit more too.


Joshua and Rachel said...

I love it. I think it is a great compliment to be compared to a ferrarri and lambergini. How funny!

lyle and julia said...

too cute :)

Lauren said...

Haha! That is too funny! I'm sorry you're not feeling well...but just remember, I think you are always pretty too!

Alicia said...

I love Justin too! (In a normal, roommate-in-law sort of way.) We should catch up soon. K? K.

Colby Delatore said...

Leave it to my brother to compare the beauty of a woman to a car. He does have a very good idea and point. You are beautiful and he sees that everyday. Good man