Friday, December 4, 2009

Lesson Learned

Never sub for an unfamiliar second grade class when you don't feel well, or have a canker sore on your tongue, or both. On a happier note, elementary students have their plusses:

They actually like you! (usually)

And oh the pictures!

I have also received as gifts, a half eaten fortune cookie, a broken frog eraser top, and several origami frogs of all different sizes (these kids were obsessed with frogs).


Joshua and Rachel said...

That is really cute, what nice kids!

lyle and julia said...

how adorable is that!!!

reinaswan said...

2nd grade sounds so fun. And you must have made a difference with all those nice things to say. :)

Amber Marie said...

that made me laugh. pretty cute.

Lauren said...

That is so cute! That would be the best job ever!