Monday, December 14, 2009

December Festivities

We helped put together our ward Christmas party and took home this lovely poinsettia. We also decided to do a little experiment to feel more Christmas spirit. We are keeping track of our good deeds with using wrapping paper links to make a Christmas chain. Instead of taking away, we are trying to add to it. Those slips of paper in the glass are ready and waiting, beckoning us to serve.

Justin finally got to shoot the gun that his grandpa gave him. Saturday was the only chance we had to go try it out. So we went. It was snowing. I am such a good wife. PS we forgot to bring earplugs so we made due. That glove box tampon is always good for something.

We babysit our cute niece Ava on occasion. She likes to try on our shoes.

Justin's parents gave us a bunch of Christmas decorations including lights and these wonderful shatter proof ornaments. They didn't come with hooks, so we didn't know how to hang them at first. Then I thought, we can string them! Dental floss is another one of your very versatile toiletries.

Merry Christmas!


Lauren said...

Cute!!! Hey, can you send me that picture of Ava? It is adorable! Also, great job on hanging the Christmas ornaments!

lyle and julia said...

woo hoo for decorations and good times!!!

Amber Marie said...

nice use of things from the bathroom....haha! :)

Joshua and Rachel said...

Ha ha. What a cute idea. Way to get creative.

Chad and Tina said...

YAY!! I found your blog!! I love it! How are you?