Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky Peak: Not so Lucky

Yesterday was an adventure.

I spent four hours of the day driving home home from Rexburg (I had a job interview and should hear back by Friday) and justin spent the day at work as usual. My drive wasn't bad at all, but Justin had a rough day at work. It was one of those days that when it is over you ask yourself, "What was the point of this day?" and you can't figure it out.

Meanwhile, our ward (the branch of our church that we attend) has been planning this big ward party at a nearby lake known as Lucky Peak.

There was to be a BBQ, boating, and other water related fun. We planned to go and signed up to bring a side dish and everything. They were counting on US.

The party was from 5:00-8:30. When I got home I did a little housework and made some pasta salad so we were all ready to go when Justin got off work at 5:00. Well 5:15 rolled around and still no Justin. He finally got home around 5:20 (with flowers for me), and we hurried off to our activity. It turns out he was stuck in a long meeting in which the topic of discussion did not pertain to him at all. That was the beginning of our frustrations:

Justin was starving.
We forgot the little map they gave us at church.
Forgot DVD to take back to RedBox on the way.
Tried going the quickest way. Construction. Road closed.
Went around the other way to come in from the freeway.
Picked up DVD to return along with a fork and a bowl so Justin could snack on the way.
Forgot directions. . . again.
Forgot to take back DVD.
Got to the park. Didn't know which way to go.
The one couple we know didn't answer their phone.
Tried one way. Nothing.
Tried the other way. The lake disappeared.
Tried the first way again. We were stumped.
Side dish was mostly eaten.
Decided to give up on the ward activity.
Wanted to check out the outlet mall on the way back.
Missed the turn.
Decided to go downtown instead.

Took back the movie.
Walked downtown. I had to go to the bathroom. Food didn't sound good.
Stopped at Cold Stone to appease our hunger and sorrows with some comfort food.
The girl working asked us how our night was so far. We laughed.
Went home. Put our swimming suits on and played with the beach ball in the bath tub.

How embarrassing.

That excitement wore off real quick, so then we just got ready for bed and watched the rest of the Italian Job that we had started last week.

Even though we didn't go boating, which is probably my MOST favorite thing to do, it was still a fun night. Justin makes everything fun. I love.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...


I love you :) It's it fun to be a newlywed?! I hope you get the job!

Darin and Shannon said...

hahahahahhahahahah hahah hah haha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha haha ha hahahahah ha ha ha ha ha ha.... sigh

lyle and julia said...

awww :: sorry about getting lost and forgetting stuff :: sounds like me ;) But glad you salvaged the night :: being a newlywed is sooo fun :)