Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Camping Adventure

This was about my reaction when a couple in our ward invited us to go camping with them a couple of weeks ago. You see, it's not that I don't like the great outdoors, because I do. It's just the whole part about sleeping on the hard ground that gives me that not overly excited face. Let's just say that I've had some bad experiences.

We did, however, end up going camping. We were able to borrow all of our gear (except a flashlight, pillows and bug repellent) from various people, and it wasn't that bad. I prepared some tin foil dinners before we left and we were also in charge of bringing stuff for s'mores. Dinner was great (the best Justin has ever had, I might add--thanks Tiff!), the company was fun, and the ground was tolerable.

In the morning we had some breakfast and then went on a little hike. I'm not a huge fan of hiking either while I'm doing it, but I do like getting to the top. Who doesn't, really?

Then we hiked down,
ate lunch,
went home.
The end.


lyle and julia said...

not the biggest fan of camping either but glad you had fun!! and I think I may own that shirt :: shade??

Crystal said...

Yep :)

Amber Marie said...

haha, sounds like my recap of a camping experience :) way to go on such a great tin foil dinner. i'll be coming to you for a recipe IF I ever, ever do such a thing :)