Thursday, December 19, 2013

And she came!

June Delatore made her debut into this world on Tuesday, December 10.
She weighed 6 lb 6 oz and was 19.5 in long.

The short version of the story is that I started having contractions when I woke up around 8:00. We checked into the hospital at 10:43, got into a delivery room at 11:05 and she was born at 11:30. It was a beautiful miracle and we are in love with this little girl.

The LONG version of the story is this (sorry, there is no middle ground):

I had a doctor appointment on Monday the 9th. I was 39 weeks and three days along. I was dilated to three cm, but other than that there were no signs that this baby was coming. My doctor gave the water bag "a good massage" saying that sometimes that helps to get things started. I was open to that knowing that if I was still pregnant in a week we would have to schedule an induction. I really didn't want to be induced if I could help it. I just wanted to go into labor on my own and let things take their natural course. So I left hopeful that something would happen during the week.

Something did happen.

I started having contractions that very night around 11:00 or so. They were coming in light steady waves. It was quite exciting to think that this could be it, but it was late and I was tired so I went to sleep. I assume they went away because I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The next morning, however they were back in slightly stronger steady waves. They were coming consistently every three minutes and only getting stronger as the morning went on. I woke up hungry and knew that if I was going to deliver a baby that day that I needed some nourishment before I got to the hospital where they wouldn't let me eat or drink. I got up and ate some pancakes while Justin took care of Everett getting him breakfast and to the potty and ready for the day (probably not an ideal time to potty train but it's the best we've got, more on that later). Justin was so great and stayed so calm and patient even though he knew we had quite a few things to do before we could get out the door. He took care of everything and just let me take care of myself. I really wanted a shower too before we left so after I ate I hopped in the shower. The warm water felt so nice and relaxing (I've always been a sucker for a nice long warm shower). I think it even helped with the contractions and I didn't want to get out. But I knew we needed to get going before things started to progress too fast, if they were going to progress at all. (I was still in denial a little bit and was second guessing weather or not I was really in labor.)

By the time we were ready to leave the house I think the contractions were strong enough that I had to stop moving and concentrate to relax through them.

Before we left I asked Justin do give me a blessing. I was feeling nervous, doubting myself an my ability to make it through this and wanted so badly for things to go smoothly.

When we got in the car I had a total melt down. Not for me this time but for Everett. I knew that we were leaving him and that when we came back things would never be the same. We would never be a family of 3 again. I didn't want him to feel like we were abandoning him and I didn't want him to think I loved him any less.

After a good cry about that (bless my dear husband for dealing with all of my emotions during this pregnancy) we got a phone call from Jamie. We had previously arranged for someone to come look at our car that we were trying to sell which was at Jamie's apartment in Salt Lake. He was there now and had some questions for us. I talked for a minute but had to give the phone to Justin who was driving and trying to find the hospital which he had never been to before. We weren't very helpful on the phone with this guy and kind of left him hanging with his offer, but can you blame us?

So we finally made it to the hospital, found a parking spot and headed in. By this time I really had to stop every few minutes and lean on Justin. I told him, "So this is what it feels like to show up at the hospital in labor." We walked to the front entrance and one of the men at the front information desk said, "I know where you're going," and pointed us in the right direction. I don't think I really had any contractions in the elevator and the people around us might not have had any idea about the miracle that was taking place. Part of me wanted to shout it out. "I'm about to have a baby here people, don't you understand how important this is!"

We signed in with the nurses at 10:43. (I remember because one of the nurses told us the time. Twice.) I got into a triage room where a nurse checked my progress. I was dilated 5-6 cm. I got into a delivery room by 11:05. (I know this because the nurse looked it up later as we looked back on the delivery.) The nurse got me hooked up to the baby monitor and got the IV set up, and that's about all there was time to do. From the time I got into the delivery room the contractions were very strong. I had to concentrate so hard to just breathe through them. One time I might have been squeezing Justin's arm a little too hard and almost drew blood. He was a trooper though and was right there with me through every one, doing his best to help me stay calm. At one point the nurse said to let her know if they started feeling like I needed to push and I said it was very close. Then I think the next contraction I was pushing.

The process just took over my body and I really had no control. I remember yelling for help and that I needed my legs up (to make way for baby) because I couldn't seem to move them very well on my own. I couldn't see what was going on but when they looked down (Justin and the nurse) the baby's head was coming. I heard someone yell for the doctor who was out in the hall (my doctor wasn't going to be able to make it in time) and meanwhile I was pushing this baby out. I don't know if it was one continuous contraction but no more than a couple of pushes and she was out. It was the greatest relief. I looked down at her and couldn't believe it. She was here! It all happened so fast and there she was! I remember saying right when I saw her miniature, purplish body, "Is she okay? Can I hold her? She is so tiny!" I don't know what I was expecting, but she just seemed extra teeny, like a baby doll. Someone placed her on my chest while they rubbed her with a towel and she was instantly pink and just so perfect. Someone checked the time: 11:30 on the dot. I was still trying to process what had just happened and I was so happy and relieved and just in awe over it all.

We snuggled for a while and then she went with daddy and the nurses to be weighed etc. When they lifted her off of me we learned that she had pooped all over me but I couldn't have cared less. I was a mess but it seriously did not phase me at all. As much as I don't love being in the hospital, there is something to be said for having people there to help clean you up.

I think the doctor got there right as she was being born and was there for the placenta and to check and see if I needed any repairs, which I didn't. Things really couldn't have gone any smoother and I was so happy with the whole delivery and of course mostly thrilled to have our little June here with us healthy and happy.

This first week has gone equally as smooth (except for some bug that Justin and I caught that had him throwing up one night and laid me up for 24 hours or so--I'll spare you the details because it is really too gross to talk about). June is eating and sleeping well, rarely cries and is just a content sweet little baby. We are all in love. It is especially cute to watch Everett with her. Whenever he sees her he starts talking in his sweetest, most loving voice. "Oh, baby June!" he'll say over and over as he reaches for her and stokes her and rubs his face on her soft fuzzy head. The boy loves to snuggle, but we've had to keep him away because he's been sick. He'll also reach for her as if to pick her up and say "Come here," in a very grown up, big brother sort of way.


Rachel said...

Congratulations Justin and Crystal! She is so cute! Beautiful family!

Alicia Ditto said...

Cute cute cute! Congrats-can't wait to meet her!