Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's my party and I'll wear a pink bib if I want to

My baby did it. He turned one on Sunday.


As in a YEAR! 

Have I really been his mother for a whole year? On one hand, the time has flown by, but on the other, it feels like he as been a part of our family forever. I suppose he has. We just weren't reunited until one year ago, that fateful friday night just before midnight. 

I love him.

Lovin' my trike Grandma Lisa!
Thanks for the awesome clothes Aunt lynnie and Grandma Betty!
Waiting for his birthday cake at a friend's house
Thanks for the big bag of balls Grandma Jen!
Another toy on loan from a friend. He loves to give him kisses and hugs.
For posterity's sake (and the sake of my memory) Everett has six teeth and he can:
• Walk
• Give kisses
• Give "loves"--he will lay his head down on your shoulder
• Put his arms up (sometimes just one arm)
• Chew on command
• Clap--he claps the back of one hand with the front of the other
• Fold his arms
• Open his mouth
• Click his toung
• Kick his legs/feet
• Make Monkey sounds
• Make tiger sounds
• Make dog sounds
• Jump or dance
• Point--he loves pointing to lights
• Give five
• Stick his toung out
• Shake his head no--little worried about that one
• Drink from a sippy cup--he does whole milk now, another sign that he is not my baby any more :(
• Play peekaboo--if he doesn't have anything to cover his face, he will just puts the back of his hand to his forehead
• Play the patting-hand-over-his-mouth-while-he-makes-noise-for-the-vibrating-sound-efffect game--when you stop he will try to do it to himself
• Slide down the little slide by himself--he rolls to his tummy and clings to the sides as he goes down
• Go poo poo and pee pee on the potty (when we take him)
• Say "hi"--sounds like "eyeeee"
• Say "mama" and "dada" although he's not 100% solid on the meaning
• Sign "milk"--I think he's a little confused on the meaning of this one too since I stopped nursing him.
• And I'm pretty sure he was trying to say "Jesus" the other day while looking at a painting we have hanging in our kitchen

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Joshua and Rachel said...

I can't believe he is a year already. He is so cute and getting so big! Happy Birthday Everett a little late.