Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You may call me Crooked Face

Crooked kisses for Justin from the doctor's office

I have Bell's palsy.

On Sunday I was in the shower trying to squeeze my eyes shut to keep the water out while I was washing my face and I couldn't. My right eye wouldn't squeeze! As I thought about it, other parts of my face weren't functioning quite up to par either.

I yelled for the future Dr. Delatore and showed him. He told me in is usual non-worrisome tone that it could be Bell's palsy. (Of course he had to explain to me what that was because, call me crazy or out of the loop, whatever, but I'm not up on my facial paralysis lingo and had never even heard of that before.) I finished getting ready and hustled off to church, not really thinking or worrying too much about it. Then, as the day went on the weakness in my face only stayed the same or got worse.

I went to see a doctor on Monday and he confirmed our suspicions and gave me some tape to hold my eye shut at night so it doesn't dry out like a raisin.

That was nice of him.

Oh, and he also prescribed some corticosteroids to try to help my swollen facial nerve. Today is my third day taking them and there is no sign of improvement, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Usually it gets better.
Sometimes it doesn't.

I'm really hoping it does. . .

Within a couple of weeks.
But if not. . .

Then maybe a couple of months.
But if not. . .

Maybe a couple of years?
But if not. . .

I guess there are worse things in life.
Maybe I'll have less wrinkles. . .

On half of my face.

Trying to show my teeth and squeeze my eyes
. . . in very poor lighting

Mom, your face is crooked.

Perfect time to use those new pointing skills, son.

We still have fun.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh my GOODNESS, Crystal! That is so wild! My aunt had a short stint with Bell's Palsy.. I'll ask her how long it lasted and if she has any tips or advice. Keep me posted, would you?? You are beautiful, crooked or straight!


Joshua and Rachel said...

Oh wow. That is crazy! I hope it doesn't cause you pain. We will keep you in our prayers.

Amber Marie said...

I agree with Elisabeth- you are dang beautiful- crooked face or not! Especially with such a cute kid in your lap :) I was just reading of someone else's experience with Bell's Palsy recently. He had it as a child and then it went away for like 20 years and came back for a month then went away again. Hopefully you will have a similar short stint with it and it doesn't cause any uncomfortableness for you.

AND could that story be any more "Crystal"?! Your husband tells you he thinks you have Bells Palsy and you get dressed and GO TO CHURCH. You are a rock star.

SBB said...

You are such a good sport, Crystal! My friend's sister developed Bell's Palsy. I believe she had it for a few months, and then it completely went away. I hope the same for you.

Marianne said...

Who are you?! So non-chalantly, "oh I have Bells palsy and life goes on". Crystal, you amaze me! I haven't had any experience with it, so no words of wisdom but we'll be praying for a quick recovery!