Monday, March 12, 2012

It's All About Everett

I realize every post lately is about Everett, which is a perfect reflection of our lives now. He is the center of everything. I love it.

I haven't been the greatest at getting pictures as he's grown. I wish I would have done something that shows his growth a little better, because he sure has grown. We went in for his 2 month checkup last week and he weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz (and is growing perfectly)!

2 months, waiting for the doctor

But alas, it is what it is and I'll post what I've got.

I do want to do better though because pictures can capture so much. I want to be able to remember everything about this sweet 9 week old boy of mine.

Like the way he twitches his wrist when he stretches.
The way his mouth opens and his forehead wrinkles when he looks up.
How he doesn't totally hate tummy time and the way he looks as he lifts his head. (You should see me cheer him on when he does it.)

5 weeks old

I want to remember how he looks up at the tape on the ceiling when I hold him on the couch.
Or how he looks frantically from side to side while his head kind of bobbles around.

9 weeks old

I love how he sticks his chin out and raises his eyebrows after he coughs. His little cough is so cute.
His smile is to die for and melts my heart every time I see it.

Sometimes he'll smile just to one side, usually the right.
His dimple (on his left cheek) is enough to make any one's day.

9 weeks old

Then there's the smile in his sleep. . . precious.
And the sucking in his sleep. The way his little tongue moves with his mouth open to make his bottom lip quiver. Sometimes he'll even smile and suck in his sleep at the same time.

One week old

I have to remember the way he slowly lowers his hands and how he holds them, frozen, fingers all stretched out after throwing them up in the air when he gets startled in his sleep.

4 days old

He doesn't like things going over his head and sometimes screams when we change his clothes if he's in a bad mood. But other times he tolerates it pretty well.
He likes having his diaper off and usually smiles about that.

Almost 8 weeks old
Right after these pictures were taken he pooped all over the changing pad.
Then he peed, which I was forced to block with my hand

He's not the best sleeper and likes to eat every couple of hours. Occasionally he'll go for a 4-5 hour stretch, but only if the stars are aligned just right.

Almost 6 weeks old

Sometimes during the day he wants to eat every hour or hour and a half!
I love the way he roots around when he's ready to eat.
The ravenous look he gets sometimes while he latches on cracks me up every time.

Then there's the way he grunts when he poops. It used to be a constant grunt, day and night, for his first few weeks. He would grunt and arch his back and grunt some more.

He still arches his back sometimes to stretch. If I pick him up and hold him in mid air while he's doing it he will stay arched in the air with his little legs all curled up under his bum, his head thrown back, and his arms stretched out.

He's been a scowler since day one. Now that he is smiling more, he is scowling less, but he still gets those eyebrows down and looks with his serious eyes quite often.

9 weeks old

He likes his bath (just not the first one when we laid him in the newborn sling). He likes to be sitting up in the water, and I want to remember the way he squirms around while I hold him up with one hand and wash him with the other.

I want to always remember the shape of his mouth when he yawns and the way his little nostrils flare.

One week old

And of course I cannot forget the way his blue eyes look up at me while he he eats or the way his tired arms drape across my body while I burp him in the middle of the night.

There are just so many things to remember and I feel like my newborn boy is morphing into something that is. . . well, not newborn. The times goes so quickly and I have to keep reminding myself to soak in each moment with him, even the time last night when he ate a 2:00 AM and again at 3:00 AM and I didn't even have time to fall asleep in between. Yes, even that moment, because even when he's screaming, he is still my precious baby, and he will not be a baby for long.


Dani said...

What an angel!

Chelsea and Glen said...

They really do change so much, so fast! I hope I remember to take pictures of each baby and not just the first. It's like the mission. I have a whole memory card full of pictures from my first area and very few of subsequent areas... Any way, Everett is darling!

Julia K said...

Oh my goodness the smiling while he is sleeping picture is too precious!!! I really can't get over it :) He is an adorable baby boy and growing so fast!! And you look fantastic and I kinda hate you for it ;) Love ya!!

Joshua and Rachel said...

I love all the pictures they are so sweet. The time goes by fast. I can't believe he is 9 weeks old already.

Darin and Shannon said...

yes indeed it does become all about the little ones! That picture of E smiling at the camera at nine weeks is too cute!