Thursday, September 29, 2011

Milk and Pico de Gallo

Justin loves a good pico de gallo.
I got the Trader Joe's version once recently and he loved it.
Would eat it by the spoon full if I'd let him.

Tuesday was a long day for me at work. When I was finally able to head home I decided that despite my tiredness and how late I was, I wanted to stop to pick up some pico de gallo for Justin. He would love it. He had suggested having burritos for dinner earlier that day and this would be the perfect topping. As I got to the store I thought about calling to see what else we needed, but I decided against it as not to ruin the surprise. I thought we might be low on milk so I just left it at that.

A gallon of milk, and a tub of pico de gallo.

I smiled in anticipation as I lugged Baby and me with all of my school stuff and groceries up to the third floor where we currently reside. I walked in to find a beautiful burrito bar laid out on the table complete with sauteed peppers and onions. As he finished warming our tortillas, Justin saw my grocery bag and said reluctantly, "Ooh, I already went to Trader Joe's."

"But did you get this?" I said hopefully as I pulled out my great surprise.

Yes. He did.
He also got milk among other things.

I think that about sums up our relationship. He does everything for me and asks for nothing in return. It's really quite ridiculous the number of times I have tried to surprise him in some way or another and fail miserably. . . like I am trying to prove something but the universe is against me because really, I don't have to prove anything.

The burritos were excellent.
And to top them off, a glass of milk.

(Disclaimer: I didn't give up on my quest to do something nice so I surprised him the next night with a book on tape from the library that we've been meaning to read. He came home while I was making dinner this time, which turned out okay after a second try in the oven. Nobody wants to eat crunchy rice.)


Amber Marie said...

ha, that is a funny story. you married a good one :) don't worry about it though, you are HAVING his baby!! any other gift pales in comparison ;)

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Yeah :) What Amber said!!

Justin said...

I just so happen to be thrilled that I now get two containers of Pico de Gallo to eat mmmmmmm.

Joshua and Rachel said...

It is good that you were both thinking of each other. Great job! I think you two are too cute!

lyle and julia said...

maybe now you'll let Justin eat the Pico de Gallo by the spoonful?? ;) Definitely the thought that counts...and yours was a sweet thought :)

Jeff and Lauren said...

Awe how sweet! You guys are so cute!