Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Break: Week 3. . . and 4 and 5

Week three was mostly spent getting ready for weeks 4 and 5 that we spent on vacation.

First stop: Utah to visit these fine folks.

Rachel, Abigail, Josh

While Justin's parents went to a wedding reception we decided to hit up the roof top concert series in Provo. Justin's sister and her family came with us and my sister and her husband made it down from Salt Lake too. It was quite a fun show and well worth it if you are in the area for the next one.

 Our view of the stage

Jamie and Doug 

Enjoying the pre-show show

Next it was on to Idaho Falls for the best fireworks show this side of the Mississippi. . . plus dinner right across the river from the show.


Lauren, Jeff, and Ava sporting the patriotic t-shirts

Mama and Papa Delatore, the ones who made it all happen

Marcy and Kelsey

After Idaho we lost no time and headed right out the the beach the very next day. We stayed at a beach house with my sister and her family and some friends of theirs. We had a blast playing on the beach, digging for sand crabs, eating good food, reading books, and playing games after the kiddos went to bed (if we could stay up for it).

Marlee, probably eating an "ogre bar" aka granola bar


Shannon with the frisbee. Yeah, Darin fed that one to the sharks. The frisbee, not Shannon.

Sand crabs!

And the smallest traveler of the bunch but definitely not the least:

More baby updates are soon to come. Will we need to get a cute little bathing suit or cute little-man trunks? What do you think?


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

How FUN!!! Loved all the pictures :) I've been thinking about the babe, and I'm KIND OF thinking girl?? When do you guys find out?

Amber Marie said...

i'm thinking BOY! what do we get if we win?? ;)

Joshua and Rachel said...

It looks like the beach was fun. I am thinking a boy!