Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 Year (and one week) ago. . .

. . . looked like this.

What a blissful day it was.
The perfect date.
April 25th.

Since I never really posted any pictures from that day in history, here are a few more.

For our big one year celebration we did several celebratory activities. Justin took me shopping in the morning (which is a big deal because he hates shopping), and while we were out we went to lunch at Cafe Rio. Afterwards we came home and decided to catch a chick flick at the cheap theater (I know we really spared no expense). Then Justin cooked a really nice dinner that we even dressed up for. We dined, we danced, we made merry. It was the best anniversary.

Here's to many more to come.


lyle and julia said...

wow what a fancy dinner!! and Crystal you made a beautiful bride :)

Joshua and Rachel said...

How fun! What a great anniversary!

Mariandrew said...

Congrats! We are coming up on our 5th this weekend--time flies! Enjoy every minute!