Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Love and Basketball

Justin put me on his co-ed basketball team. It's a ward team.
They kept forfeiting because they didn't have enough girls show up.

Do I play basketball? No. 

Have I ever played basketball? No. 

It's the least I can do though for the guy who cooks me dinner whenever I ask; 
The guy who makes a special trip to fill up my car that is out of gas when it is -12 degrees outside; 
The guy who warms up his slippers just to put them on my cold feet;
The guy who is patient enough to teach me how to snowboard and shoot a layup even though I am so embarrassingly awkward at both.

The least I can do is play basketball even though it puts me so outside of my comfort zone (the pool).

My very first game in my whole life was last Thursday at 10:15 P.M.


The hour alone should have been enough of an excuse not to play. I can't keep up with these single folk, especially at 10:15. 

But I played. 
I played with all of the love I could muster. 
So much in fact that I even scored a few points.

Basketball isn't so bad.

I love Justin.


Justin said...

Eight points is more than just a few! I must say that crystal did spectacular for her first ever basketball game.

lyle and julia said...

way to go!!! Eight points is freakin awesome for a vet :)

Amber Marie said...

now that is a committed marriage!! love the french toast story :)

Rachel said...

8 points. You sound like a pro. Crystal 8 points could be a ton if the team only scored 20 points total. Way to go on your first basketball game.

Colby Delatore said...

too many times have i seen you too kiss!!!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I'm PRETTY sure Justin loves you more than Tyler loves me.. He'd ask ANYONE else to join the team before asking me. I'M the worst. I've never even SCORED in a basketball game.

Alicia said...

You little athlete you! I'm so proud. Good work.