Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween etc. . .

Justin's parents came to visit.
They brought Abigail (Justin's sister's baby) while Rachel received the first of 2 parts of radiation to treat what might be left of her thyroid cancer.
Swim meet.
I arranged to swim a few events at the beginning of the meet so we could make it to the ward halloween party. . . being on the activities committee and all.
  • 200 free: 2:22. (right after sprinting a 50 back in the medley relay)
  • 50 free: 28.00 (still tired from the 200)
Ward Halloween party.
We dressed up as a crazy chemistry teacher and his apprentice.

Justin convinced me to compete with him in the relay race which included:

a 3 legged dash. . .

Justin eating a doughnut on a string in three bites with no hands. . .

and me bobbing lightning fast for an apple.

It took us 58 seconds.
We won.

We did some shopping during the day and then stayed in and played dress up with Abigail.

Church as usual.
To learn more about we believe go here.
Dinner with Jeff and Lauren.
We trade off cooking dinner on Sundays with Jeff and Lauren (Jeff is Justin's brother). They live two buildings down from us. We love being so close to them.

Justin finished up his applications for medical school and got them sent in. Now we wait to fill out secondary applications.

Justin's parents left.
They took Abigail to see her mom for a few more days until she got a bigger dose of radiation and can't be around her for another 10 days or so.

Justin has been doing well in his classes and continues to study hard and do well on his exams. I have been subbing in the district and worked a couple of days last week.
I continue to swim three days a week and am getting ready for the championship meet which is this Friday and Saturday! I will be swimming the 200 IM, the 500 free, and all three relays.

That's the latest. Hopefully I can get some pictures of our awesome costumes to post, so check back soon.


lyle and julia said...

so fun!!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Remember how we hung out with you last Halloween? That was fun :)

lyle and julia said...

i did get it! Thanks sooooo much!!!